AEP brief History:

In January of 1991, the program was started when a group of mothers, decided to start teaching Arabic language to our children in the ADS Southern California Center. The pioneer ladies included Asmahan Masri, Fayda Ayash Mourawed, Hiam Said, Ibtissam Masri, Elham Aboulhosn, Nadia Abouhlosn and Nada Sarrieddine Andari. Mr. Adnan Mourawed was appointed as the first principle followed by Mrs. Asmahan Masri. The school started with around 40 students divided into 4 classes.  Many mothers volunteered their time to help assist in the program. The program is still going strong with more than 100 students in addition to the "mommy & me" and an adult class to serve our community.  The program is constantly being developed and advanced technologically to deliver the teaching instruction in streamlined and effective methods.

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*27 YEARS of Arabic Language Instruction*