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We are proud to say, that there has been a huge progress since the inception of the idea of purchasing an American Druze Cultural Center in Southern California.  The community has witnessed growth in number of members as well as activities.  The Southern California Cultural Center is fully paid for through the determination, hard work of our volunteers and our community members.  Each year improvements, advancements are possible and witnessed.

Today the Southern California Chapter is the biggest and most active among all chapters in the United States.  The Southern California Chapter will continue to progress and strive through the unity, hard work and commitment of our community members, with a common goal " to preserve our identity, faith and culture."

The first Druze organization in America was created in 1908. Early Druze settlers felt the need to protect and preserve their identity therefore it was essential for them to sustain their identity, faith, culture and history here in America.  
The organization grew in few states where Druze communities were established and in 1962, American Druze Society drafted a Constitution and By-laws which provided the fundamental foundations of the organization's structure.

The main mission of the organization was and still is to bring Druze families in our new & adopted land closer to each other in order to sustain the Druze identity, faith, culture and history. 

In 1971, the idea of establishing a formal incorporated organization with a tax exempt status was brought forward, and in 1978, the tax exemption was obtained.
Over the years the organization grew and so did the number of our community members, especially in Southern California.  In 1987 the California Chapter raised $150,000 towards the purchase of an ADS Cultural Center, which was led by the efforts of Mr. Salim Israwi, Behjat Jurdi, Jack Hamady, Ladies Auxiliary and ADY of Southern California. As a result a "Housing Committee" was created to search for a suitable location.  May 27th, 1990 recorded the realization of the long awaited ADS dream, the purchase of property located at 2239 Merton Ave, Eagle Rock, California as the first "Druze Cultural Center" in the United States.

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